IISD skill school

1. Course details
  • Self-Development which includes one day of Self Awareness through meditation, yoga, fitness tips, self-defense tips, eating habits, nutrition, personal hygiene, peer pressure, substance abuse, bullying; one day of Communication Skills through drama, elocution, public speaking, group discussions; one day of cultural awareness through interactive sessions on different cultures within our country and also a couple of foreign cultures with presentations about their dressing habits, eating habits, common phrases, rituals & customs; one day of Social Skills through good table manners, team activities, the art of making conversation, relationship with care givers and other family members
  • Computer Skills which includes introduction to photo editing, logo design and video editing.
  • The learning will be displayed to guardians at the end of every week on Friday
2. Details of summer camp
  • Rs 1600/- per week for 4 classes of 3 hours each, a total of 12 hours.
  • 10% discount on registering for additional weeks
  • Registration fee of Rs 500/-
  • 10% discount for in-house students
  • Fees inclusive of healthy snack
3. Eligibility criteria
  • Three age groups - 6yrs - 8yrs, 9yrs - 12yrs, 13yrs - 16yrs
  • A Hub of Fun Learning during summer holidays not a regular craft & activity camp to just keep children engaged
  • Learn through fun and interactive activities conducted by proactive teachers
  • Some serious social skills related issues would be addressed by experts from psychology backgrounds
  • Parents are encouraged to participate
  • The introduction to different cultures would encourage the natural curiosity in children and also assist in building tolerance
4. Date venue and duration of the summer camp
  • Starting from 24th May (Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri) for 4 weeks
  • Venue - IISD Campus

Placements & Internship Training

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