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Preliminary Examination :
The Preliminary Examination consists of one paper of Objective Type containing 200 Multiple Choice Questions. The paper will carry 200 marks and will be of 21/2 hours’ duration. The Standard of the paper will be of the level of knowledge as expected of a graduate in Law of a recognized University. Unlike IAS and WBCS(Exe), here the age limit is 35 years and registration with the Bar Council of India is essential. The paper will include questions covering the following fields of knowledge :
  •  English Composition 30 marks
  • General Knowledge, Current Affairs and Test of Reasoning 40 marks
  • Indian Constitution 20 marks
  • Law of Contracts and Torts 20 marks
  • Laws of Evidence 20 marks
  • Civil Procedure Codes 20 marks
  • Criminal Procedure Code and Indian Penal Code 20 marks
  • Personal Law 10 marks
  • Law of Limitation 20 marks
Syllabus for Preliminary Examination :
Questions on English Composition will cover synonyms, antonyms, idioms and phrases, vocabulary test, phrasal verbs, the same words bearing more than one meaning, use of appropriate and qualifying words etc.
Final Examination :
The Final examination will consist of eight compulsory papers and three papers on optional subjects to be chosen by the candidates from the list of Optional Subjects. Each compulsory and Optional paper will carry 100 marks and will be of three hours duration.
Compulsory Papers :
  •  English Composition, essay, precis writing ;
  • Bengali/Hindi/Urdu/Nepali composition, essay and translation from English into Bengali/Hindi/Urdu /Nepali ;
  • General Knowledge and Current Affairs ;
  • Civil procedure Code ;
  • Criminal Procedure Code and Indian Penal Code ;
  • Indian Evidence Act ;
  • Law of Contracts and Torts and
  • Transfer of Property Act.
Optional Papers (any three to be chosen) :
  •  Hindu Law ;
  •  Muhammadan Law ;
  •  Jurisprudence and principles of legislation ;
  • Indian Law relating to Companies and Insurance ;
  • Principles of Equity including the Law of Trusts and Specific Relief ;
  • Partnership Act ;
  • Law of Limitation and Law of Prescription ;
  • The Indian Constitution and Constitutional Law. The standard of examination in the Law papers (Compulsory and Optional) will be that of the LL.B. Degree of the Calcutta University. All answers must be written either in English or in Bengali (unless otherwise directed in the question papers) except in the language papers.
Personality Test : 100 marks :
Candidates should write their answers to all the questions in only one and the same language in any particular paper. Candidates may use the Devanagari or Bengali Script in the answer papers on Sanskrit; the Devanagari Script in the answer papers on Hindi or Nepali; and the Bengali, Arabic, Persian and Urdu Scripts respectively in the answer papers on Bengali, Arabic, Persian & Urdu.
Personality test :
The test is conducted by a Board that includes one sitting Judge of the Calcutta High Court amongst others.
     The Preliminary Examination is meant to serve as a screening test only for the purpose of selection of candidates for the Final Examination. The marks obtained by the candidates in the Preliminary Examination will not be counted for the purpose of determining the final merit list. The Final merit list will be prepared on the basis of total marks obtained in the Main Examination and the Personality Test. There shall be no separate qualifying marks for any individual paper or for the Personality Test. The Commission shall have discretion to fix qualifying marks in the aggregate.
     In all the answer papers of the Final Examination due credit will be given for proper economy of words combined with clarity and effectiveness of expression and originality of approach.
Deduction of Marks :
A deduction of 10% of full marks may be made from the total marks secured by a candidate in a particular paper if he/she discloses his/her identity by writing his/her name, roll number or ticket number or by putting any identifying marks inside the Answer Script of that paper.

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