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Why Web Technology ?
As we all know, technology is a tool for change - change for betterment, change for advancement, change for development with ease based on scientific achievement and innovation that translates ideas to definite tangible shapes. Development in web science has initiated sea-changes in the way world communicates and conducts commercial activities which is now termed e-communication, e-commerce and the like. This is the latest technology that has opened up incredible opportunities for the youth aspiring for dynamic career. Web technologies play a key role in building and developing websites and applications that deliver content in a variety of formats for multiple devices. Acquiring skill in this technology enable one to demonstrate ones ability to solve problem, contribute innovative ideas and offer solution online. Acquiring this sort of skill through a course that not only graduates you leading to award of a certificate in web technology but also enables to you contribute your mite in the developmental activities.
Computer Application & Programming (177 Hours)
  1. Fundamentals,Operating Systems (OS),Internet concepts (8 Hours)
  2. Microsoft Word (8 Hours)
  3. Microsoft Excel (8 Hours)
  4. Microsoft PowerPoint (4 Hours)
  5. Microsoft Access (10 Hours)
  6. Microsoft Office Full Package (30 Hours)
  7. Programming Logic & C Programming + Project (24 Hours)
  8. HTML, HTML Editor & Image Editing (10 Hours)
  9. VB Script and ASP (Active server Pages) (15 Hours)
  10. Oracle (20 Hours)
  11. OOP using C++ (40 Hours)
Web Development (90 Hours)

Placements & Internship Training

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