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The scheme of exam is almost similar to IAS but not identical. The exam has three stages viz Preliminary, Main and Personality test. The single examination, like the IAS etc. exam, leads to recruitment in all the allied services and posts in group, A, B( Police Service ), C & D. The age limit is 32 and there is no limit to the number of chances. Graduates in any discipline is eligible to sit for the exam.
Preliminary exam :
The is a qualifying exam for selection of candidate for the Main examination. This is in fact an elimination test like the IAS preliminary exam and only those who secure a minimum qualifying mark are selected to sit for the Main exam. The exam consists of only one paper on general studies that is of an objective type consisting of 200 multiple choice questions carrying 200 marks with 2.30 hours of duration. The marks obtained by the candidates are not considered for final selection. This is a pre test for the main exam each and every year. The standard of paper is of the level of knowledge as expected of a graduate of any recognized university.
Main exam :
The exam consists of six compulsory papers and one optional subjects ( only for group A and B ) to be chosen by the candidate. Although the one and same exam leads to selection for group C & D services and posts but the marks obtained in the optional subject are not counted for the same . There are two papers for the optional subject. Each paper, compulsory or optional, carries 200 marks. Out of six compulsory papers, four papers are (i). General Studies _ I, (ii). General Studies – II, ( iii). The constitution of India and Indian Economy Including role and functions of Reserve Bank of India, (iv). Arithmetic & Reasoning will be of MCQ type to be answered in OMR sheets. Remaining two compulsory papers, Paper – I and Paper – II are of conventional type written exam.
  •  Paper I : Bengali/Hindi/Urdu/Nepali/Santali – Letter writing (within 150 words) / Drafting of Report (within 200 words), Précis Writing, Composition and Translation from English to Bengali/Hindi/Urdu/Nepali/Santali (Marks 200).
  • Paper II : English – Letter writing (within 150 words) / Drafting of Report (within 200 words), Précis Writing, Composition and Translation from Bengali/Hindi   /Urdu/Nepali/Santali to English (Marks 200).
  • Paper III : General Studies-I : (i) Indian History with special emphasis on National Movement and (ii) Geography of India with special reference to West Bengal (Marks 100+100).
  • Paper IV : General Studies-II : Science and Scientific & Technological advancement, Environment, General Knowledge and Current Affairs (Marks 100+100). • Paper V : The Constitution of India and Indian Economy including role and functions of Reserve Bank of India (Marks 100+100).
  • Paper VI : Arithmetic and Test of Reasoning (Marks 100+100).
List of optional subjects:
Bengali, Hindi, Sanskrit, English, Pali, Arabic, Persian, French, Urdu, Santali, Comparative Literature, Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science, Anthropology, Botany, Chemistry ,Civil Engineering, Commerce and Accountancy, Computer Science, Economics, Electrical Engineering, Geography, Geology, History, Law, Mathematics, Management, Mechanical Engineering, Medical Science, Philosophy, Physiology, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Statistics & Zoology.
1. Restriction on choice of Optional Subjects :
  Candidates will be allowed to offer optional subjects mentioned below in the following restricted manner.
  • Bengali/Hindi/Sanskrit/English/Pali/Arabic/Persian/French/Urdu/Comparative Literature (candidates will have the option to choose if they so intend, only one of those subjects as an optional paper).
  •  Commerce and Accountancy or Management
  •  Sociology or Political Science or Anthropology
  •  Mathematics or Statistics
  •  Agriculture or Botany
  •  Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science or Medical Science or Physiology or Zoology
  •  Civil Engineering or Electrical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering or Computer Science
  • Geography or Geology
  • Philosophy or Psychology
2. The standard of Arithmetic part of Compulsory Paper – V – Arithmetic & Test of Reasoning will be similar to that of the Compulsory Mathematics paper at the Madhyamik Examination of the Board of Secondary Education, West Bengal. Test of Reasoning will cover Analytical Reasoning – Data Sufficiency; Logical Reasoning – (1) Logical Deduction, (2) Forcefulness of the Arguments, (3) Implication of sentences, (4) Inferring from diagrams; Series – (1) Letter series, (2) Number series; Inferring from Data; analogy tests; Symbol Interpretation; Mathematical puzzles; Odd man out; Perception test; Non-verbal reasoning; Selecting the correct sequence. The standard of other compulsory papers will be of the level of learning expected of a graduate of any faculty of a recognized University. The standard of the examination in optional subjects will be approximately that of an Honours Degree Examination as prescribed by the recognized Indian Universities except Law, Medical Science and Engineering subjects. For Law, Medical Science and Engineering subjects those specified for the LLB course, theoretical papers for MBBS and BE or equivalent courses respectively of recognized Indian University / Institution.
3. Answers in all the paper – Compulsory and Optional – except the language papers may be written either in English or in Bengali (unless otherwise directed in these rules or in the question papers). Answers in the following compulsory and optional papers may also be written in Nepali :
  • General Knowledge & Current Affairs.
  • The Constitution of India & the Five-Year Plans.
Optional :
  • Political Science
  • Botany
Note :
Candidates should write their answers to all the questions in only one and the same language in any particular paper. Candidates may use the Devanagari or Bengali Script in the answer papers on Sanskrit; the Devanagari Script in the answer papers on Hindi or Nepali; and the Bengali, Arabic, Persian and Urdu Scripts respectively in the answer papers on Bengali, Arabic, Persian & Urdu.
Personality test :
Candidates selected on the basis of the result of the Main Exam, for the services and posts included in Groups A. B, C and D, will have to appear for the Personality Test. Each candidate will be asked questions on matters of general interest. The object of the test will be to assess the candidate‘s personal qualities, e.g., alertness of mind, power of clear and logical exposition, intellectual and moral integrity, leadership and also the candidates‘ range of interests. Candidates for Group B‘ Service (West Bengal Police Service) will be specially tested at the interviews with regard to their suitability for the service.
Marks for the Personality Test :
(i) Group A‘, B‘ & C‘ - 200 Marks
(ii) Group D‘ - 100 Marks
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