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IISD has developed facilities for organizing Entrepreneurship Development Programme to respond to the need of the nation & develop expertise and skills for potential learners to become job creators rather than job seekers. The programme has been designed to develop, motivate & assist learners for setting up new enterprises & manage them successfully. Constitution of an Entrepreneurship Development & Promotion cell at IISD The EDP cell is hereby constituted at this institution with the following AIMS & OBJECTIVES.




  • Creating opportunities for self employment
  • Conducting appropriate and need based EDP training
  • Inculcating a sprit of entrepreneurship among the Youths & Women
  • Creating managerial capabilities in MSSE.
  • Creating employee motivation program.
  • Supply of need based employees to enterprises.
  • Improve National Productivity & GDP.
  • Locating Local Talents for enterprises.


  • Create environment for self employment.
  • Promote innovation in M&SSE.
  • Conduct formal and informal education on entrepreneurship.
  • Motivate the organized and un organized sector in rural development.
  • To promote employment opportunities.
  • Utilize local talents through self employment.


  • To provide complete hand holding support to aspiring entrepreneurs.
  • To conduct IMC / MDP / EDP & ESDP programs through Govt. of India Program.
  • To arrange entrepreneur — industry partnership / Meet.
  • To arrange for industrial and trade fair Participation.
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